(Pocket-lint) - Samsung will officially unveil the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge (or S Edge, as it might be called) on Sunday 1 March during its pre-Mobile World Congress Unpacked event. And that's lead to a rumour frenzy, much like every year on the build up to the company's next big Android smartphone refresh.

But what seems to be a bit different this time around is that Samsung itself is joining in with the leak mentality, slowly revealing key elements of the handset(s) is a series of teaser videos and pictures released through its official channels.

Individually they seem to show just snippets and clues of what we might expect from at least one of the rumoured handsets, but together they are building up a decent jigsaw puzzle of the final products. It's not something that Samsung has really done before - it's teased phones in the past but never in such a drip feed fashion, with many elements revealed before the final unveiling.

That's why we've decided to post all of the official teasers here, updating the round-up as new ones are revealed - most often on Samsung Mobile's official Twitter account. And we're also giving you details of how to win one of six handsets Samsung is giving away.

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Have a watch or examine the evidence and see what you can make out of "The Next Galaxy".

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Win one of six Samsung Galaxy S6 phones

Samsung has a dedicated site for "The Next Galaxy" that has a sign-in section for those who want to be emailed when more information is revealed about the phone. And if you do so you will go into the draw to win a Samsung Galaxy S6 after the launch. Six are being given away in total and it seems to be UK centric, so well worth a go if you live in the country.


Teaser 1

The first The Next Galaxy video reveals the shape of the camera on the rear, which is commonly believed to have a 20-megapixel sensor with optical image stabilisation. There are also rumours that the front-facing camera will be 5-megapixels.

Teaser 2

The second ends on an icon that has been repeated through several Samsung pictures and Twitter postings. The jury is out on its definitive meaning, but considering some of the taglines, it is likely to refer to a fast charging feature. It is also believed that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and variants will come with wireless charging built-in.

Teaser 3

The third video hints at the design and the diversion from Samsung away from plastic rear shells: "I'm crafted from the beautiful things I see around me." And we get to see the phone from the side or top. It will be thin, that much is clear.

Teaser 4

Released on 21 February, this teaser video shows a series of abstract glass and metal elements (not necessarily the phone) with a female voice speaking in perfume advert style tones. She does mention that "borders will disappear" though, which is interesting.

It could mean that the SGS6 will have a borderless anti-reflective screen with a metal chassis. 

Unpacked invite

The invite to the 1 March event even revealed a bit of the next phone, which we believe to be a metal strip running across the extra screen on the Edge variant and shot at an angle (which you can see mocked up here).


Image 1

The first image released was of the camera icon as shown in the first teaser.


Image 2

The second image showed the lightning icon and gave further hint that it refers to super speedy charging.


Image 3

As does the third image.


Image 4

With this teaser pic, Samsung said, "The rest, we’ll leave up to your imagination…" That means we're unlikely to see any more images or video clips on the build up to MWC.


We will update this feature as more official content hits Samsung's multiple channels. And join us on 1 March when we will finally reveal the new phone or phones from the Unpacked event in Barcelona.

Writing by Rik Henderson.