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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung will unveil at least one version of the Galaxy S6 during its Unpacked press event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, most likely two. And we've been building up a great picture of what the device or devices will be like through leaks and rumours here and there.

Case manufacturer Verus has gone one better however and created its own actual pictures of what it thinks the phone will look like, based on the case specifications it has presumably been given.

The maker has depicted the phone with a massive protruding lens on the rear, which complies with other case designs leaked by rivals. There is also a whole in the case for the flash and what is thought to be a pulse sensor.

An elevated home button has also been added to the phone shown in the renders, which we're not sure about really. Is it needed in such a way or will it purely serve to get stuck on the lip of your pocket when you're putting the phone away.

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Either way, the handset Verus has chosen to show in its pics is a sleek-looking device that's for sure. It might not be completely accurate, but we'd feel confident in the standard model as a premium device if it looks like that - especially if the white parts of the front and rear are ceramic or glass covered as suggested in previous rumours.

The images don't go as far as to reveal anything about the Edge versions of the SGS6, after all cases for those would hide the additional wrap-around screens, but we'll find out for sure 1 March when the event unveils the real deal.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.