A photo showing the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge might be our best look at Samsung's new flagship smartphone yet.

Alternatively, however, it might just be a case manufacturer second-guessing the design and enjoying the publicity as it lines up its promo material.

The shot above - supplied to Cnet Korea - reportedly displays the Samsung Galaxy S6, both in and out of cases, as well as showing the Edge version of the device. 

It's rumoured that Samsung will be releasing two handsets on 1 March at Galaxy Unpacked. The first will be the regular SGS6, with 5.1-inch Quad HD display and using different materials to previous devices - namely metal

The second handset will be an Edge variant, following the pairing of the two Note devices launched in September 2014. We strongly believe that the S6 Edge (or S Edge as it might be called) will have the curved edge on both sides.

Returning to our leaked picture, there are two Edge models shown, one showing the curved edge on the left (lying down) and one on the right (standing up). It doesn't look to be a model with the curve on both sides. 

The lying flat model, certainly, doesn't appear to have the curved profile on both sides, but it does look to have been designed to fit with Samsung's event invitation.

That suggests to us that Verus - who is behind these renders - might not (like the rest of us) actually know. Either that, or Samsung is lining up a huge range of variants, which seems unlikely, given the financial implications that would involve.

Verus has produced a wide range of case renders which may show some of what Samsung will unveil on 1 March, but at the moment, we're not convinced. We've added a selection to the gallery above, this time from GSMArena too.

We suspect there will be many more case leaks in the run up to the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch, but in reality, these are just slightly tweaked versions of existing cases from Verus' portfolio.

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