The Samsung Galaxy S6 could have very similar design lines to the iPhone 6, if these casing shots turn out to be the real deal.

These aluminium phone casings could well be the new metal bodywork of the SGS6, that is, the regular SGS6, rather than the model with the curved display, the S Edge.

We knew that Samsung was turning to metal, with the company admitting in its own investor report that it was turning to new materials, i.e., not plastic.

These shots have been unearthed by, a website that's had pretty spectacular successes of late when it comes to revealing parts of forthcoming devices.

These photos show microdrilled speaker holes on the bottom alongside the opening for the power cable, presumably Micro-USB.

The curved profile of the edges looks a lot like the iPhone 6, although we note that there is no back panel here, so presumably that needs to be added. Whether that's to be metal or glass remains to be seen.

There's no identifying this as legitimate and there's also no identifying marks on the metal chassis either, so all we have is the word of someone shooting pictures of phone parts in a toilet.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be unveiled on 1 March at the Galaxy Unpacked event in Barcelona.

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