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(Pocket-lint) - Generally financial reports from companies can be a pretty dull affair. Unless a manufacturer makes a significant loss or is stockpiling so much cash that it will effect the products somewhere down the line, there's not much to be gleaned from a balance sheet - unless you're an employee of the company of course.

However, Samsung's fourth quarter financial report reveals a rather interesting fact. It just about confirms that the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone will indeed be made from metal and glass like rumours suggest. Indeed, the company will be ditching plastic bodied handsets per se. Can we get a "Hell, yeah"?

The report reveals that Samsung's mobile division performed badly in 2014 with "weak earnings" and therefore the company is to embark on a new strategy for its smartphones and tablets. Samsung will "focus on recovery by differentiating its mobile devices using new materials and designs".

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Basically, its phones will not follow the same polycarbonate plastic trend of recent time; metal and glass anyone?

In addition, Samsung confirms its plans to release less handsets and tablet models over the coming year. It will be "more efficiently managing costs through, among others, streamlining product line-ups".

There is good news for TV buyers ahead too, the market for flat panel televisions is growing again, which Samsung puts down to the interest in 4K Ultra HD sets.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.