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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung may be releasing accessories with extra offerings rather than cramming them all into the next flagship Galaxy S6 smartphone.

According to Polish blog Android.com/pl the S6 will have E Ink display add-ons, blood sugar and heart rate sensors and new camera lenses.

Samsung's S Health will be making a big jump forward by offering blood sugar readings without the need for a standalone monitoring machine, reportedly. Samsung is also rumoured to allow users to upload their data to the cloud so that doctors can monitor their health.

Much like the Yotaphone 2, with second E Ink display on the rear, Samsung could offer a second low-power screen for the Galaxy S6. This will mean reading should be more comfortable on the eyes while cutting down power consumption on the device. This sounds like it will appear in the form of a case that features the E Ink display.

Samsung could also reveal a selection of camera lenses including zoom options like the K-Zoom style optical offerings. Presumably this will be supported by a very high resolution rear camera.

Samsung could also be working on sports equipment like bicycles and step machines that will link up to the Galaxy S6 to broaden S Health even further.

Samsung is expected to unveil its Galaxy S6, and probably these accessories, at Mobile World Congress from 2 March.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.