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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung is readying a new flagship smartphone, the SGS6, and we believe that we will see it at Mobile World Congress in March, following appearance of an invitation to an event on that day.

However the last big launch for Samsung introduced not one, but two models: the Note 4 and the Note Edge. It's the latter device that's perhaps the more interesting, a genuinely unique twist on the smartphone format. 

Samsung Galaxy S Edge or Galaxy S6 Edge?

So far Samsung hasn't confirmed the launch of the SGS6, let alone that there's going to be a version of it with a curved edge to match the duality of the Note devices.

But that hasn't stopped debate already starting over its name. We've heard it referred to as the S6 Edge and the S Edge. The source of the S Edge name is from a placeholder buried deep within the Vodafone.nl website, where Samsung Galaxy S Edge gets a mention. 

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Would Samsung drop the numbering from the name? Yes, it probably would. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge did exactly that and there's the feeling that the curved-edged devices are much more experimental than the mainstream numbered device, more distinctive in their own right.

You could say it's more edgy. 

Samsung Galaxy S Edge: Double edged

Where we have a good idea of what expect from the SGS6 - a device that sticks to Samsung's S design but with a metal body - less is known about what the S Edge might present. 

That was also the case with the launch of the Note Edge. We knew the Note 4 was coming - Samsung had detailed as much on the invites to the event - but most thought that any curved edged device was purely experimental.

Reports of an S6 with a curved edge have been circulating for some time, but there are also reports of a version with a curved display on both sides.

Patently Mobilelet s talk about the samsung galaxy s edge image 3

It will be based around the same system used on the Note Edge, but having it on both sides means it will be equally useful whatever hand you use it in.

Talking to sources of our own, it seems that it will be double edged, rather than single edged like to the Note. There has also been a patent granted for a device with curved displays on both sides.

Samsung Galaxy S Edge specs

We'd expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S Edge land with similar specs to the SGS6. That means it's likely to have a Samsung Exynos octo-core chipset powering it, have 3GB of RAM and an AMOLED display around 5.1-inches on the diagonal. 

The resolution is likely to 2560 x 1440 Quad HD resolution for the main part of the display, with a super bright outdoors mode and an extra dim late night mode.

The Samsung Galaxy S Edge cameras will probably be 20-megapixels on the rear and 5-megapixels on the front.

The battery is said to be 2550mAh on the SGS6, that sounds a little on the low side, even if fast charging is included, but we think the Edge will match the regular S6.

S Edge advantage: Features

There's been some suggestion that there will be additional new features for the Galaxy S Edge. Previously reported, they include a Glance Edge function that will light-up the edge when you have a call or message, along with the ability to assign colours to particular contacts for easy reference.

Otherwise, the S Edge is expected to behave like the Note Edge. It's worth reading our Galaxy Note Edge review to get an idea of how the S Edge will behave and for the full low-down on how this edge system works.

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You'll be able to add your favourite app shortcuts for quick access, as well as various panels, showing you all sorts of active information, as well as the ability to use passive panels, like a night clock, and a collection of tools, like a ruler. Naturally, it will launch on Android Lollipop, with plenty of Samsung additions layered over the top.

We've also heard from other reports that it should support Samsung's Gear VR, the virtual reality headset.

Samsung Galaxy S Edge release date

We're pretty certain that the SGS6 will make an appearance at Mobile World Congress 2015, and it's believed that the Edge will be launched alongside it. We're yet to receive an invitation - therefore we can't verify the event - but it looks like Samsung Galaxy Unpacked could be on 1 March.

Samsunglet s talk about the samsung galaxy s edge image 4

The original invite from Samsung

Pocket-lintlet s talk about the samsung galaxy s edge image 2

A mock-up by Pocket-lint of how the Samsung Galaxy Edge (and it's right hand curve) could look based on the invite 

However, we're also hearing - in line with rumours circulating - that the S Edge will be a limited run. It's going to be launched as something of a special edition rather than a mainstream launch. As the Note Edge is to the Note 4, we'd expect it to be more expensive and availability may well be restricted.

Samsung Galaxy S Edge price

It's rumoured that the prices for the Samsung Galaxy S Edge will start at €849, attracting a €100 premium over the regular SGS6. That was the case with the Note and the Note Edge, but again, this isn't verified information.

That price would be for 32GB - it's suggested that there will be 64 and 128GB versions, the latter costing a hefty €1049, nearly £800.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 27 January 2015.