Samsung is allegedly to ditch all the unwanted and unnecessary applications and features from TouchWiz for the Galaxy S6, resulting in a user experience more like Google's vanilla Android Lollipop.

An industry source is claimed to have told Business Korea, "We are aiming to get rid of unnecessary functions and simplify our UI at the level of Google's Nexus 6." If true, the manufacturer will be making a large, vocal community of Android smartphone fans very happy.

One of the benefits of the move, apart from making the core interface less cluttered, is that the amount of bloatware sitting on the internal storage will be minimised. This will result in more capacity available to the user.

Samsung was heavily criticised a couple of years ago, after the launch of the Galaxy S4. The 16GB version of the phone in reality only offered 9GB to the user for apps, music and other downloaded content. The company did address the issue partly, freeing some extra space, but the system still took up a significant chunk.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is widely expected to launch on the eve of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the beginning of March. It is likely Samsung will hold a dedicated Unpacked event as usual.

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