You might not have to wait much longer for Samsung to finally release a smartphone powered by its own Tizen software, it's claimed.

According to The Korea Economic Daily, which quoted a Samsung official, the South Korea-based company will launch the Z1 Tizen on 18 January 2015 in India. Samsung reportedly canceled original plans to launch the smartphone a few months back in order to get more Tizen apps ready, so it's been a long wait for fans hoping to get their hands on a Tizen phone.

The Z1 is expected to feature a 4-inch WVGA display, dual-core 1.2GHz processor, dual-SIM card slot, 3.2-megapixel rear camera, 3G connectivity, and more. Recently-leaked pictures have also shown the phone, which is rumoured to cost less than $100, with a metal body. That's a surprising design choice by Samsung, considering the Tizen is meant to be an Android One rival.

It's not clear if the Samsung Z1 Tizen will ever launch in the US and UK, as it might just be headed toward emerging markets, but it looks like we will know more in the new year.

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