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(Pocket-lint) - The ethics of big companies isn't something we'd ever consider to be great, but Samsung's recent move is questionable. Samsung has highjacked the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge charity movement for its own promotion.

The company has released a video of its Galaxy S5 handset taking the challenge with ice and water thrown over it. Then the robotic voice of the phone calls out Apple, HTC and Nokia to do the same. The phones which are mentioned are not waterproof and couldn't do it, of course.

While Samsung probably saw this as a joke that could be veiled as helping the charity, in reality it's rather crude. This is a marketing move that steals the attention from a good-natured viral video event and uses it to call out competitors. It is in bad taste and should not have happened.

We contacted Samsung to see if the company made a donation to the ALS charity. It said it has but will not disclose the amount. The YouTube video has a link to the Motor Neurone Disease Association website.

While we admit the video could be seen as clever and cheeky, in this context we can't help thinking it's just not right.

If you want to help out visit the Motor Neurone Disease Association website to make a donation.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 22 August 2014.