Samsung's Campinas factory near Sao Paolo was invaded late Sunday night and its workers were held hostage as the criminals made off with BRL $36 million worth of gadgets.

The armed robbers made off with seven trucks full of Samsung phones, tablets, and notebook computers after highjacking a shuttle bus used by factory employees. More than 40,000 products were stolen.

After stopping the shuttle on its way to the factory seven armed assailants took over. Two hostages were kept on board while the other eight were set free. Once the route was cleared 13 other culprits arrived in the trucks. Using pallet loaders the trucks were filled with goods. Using radios and mobile phones the effort was co-ordinated for their joint escape.

A spokesman for Samsung in Sao Paolo said: "We have cooperated fully with the police investigation that is underway and will do our best to avoid any sort of repeat incident."

Roughly 100 employees were present at the factory. Nobody has been reported hurt.

UPDATE: Samsung has told us only 50 employees were affected and the money stolen was US $6.5 million.

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