Our OnePlus One phone review went up today where we were impressed with the top end specs for just £230, but affordable just got a new level. The Samsung E1200 mobile phone is a ridiculous 49p.

This is by no means a smartphone but it'll do plenty of jobs for that crazy cheap price. Making calls should be fine for a good three weeks as that's how long the standby on this phone should last. That's 7 hours of constant talking before it dies.

It's an old school button controlled device with no touchscreen or advanced connections like Wi-Fi. But it does manage to run an internet browser – the only thing needed to keep it going is a ridiculous amount of patience as it's apparently super slow.

The Samsung E1200 has a single core-processing running at 156Mhz to power the icons on its 1.52-inch display. But at 49p even if you get frustrated you can just smash it and get another. Apologies Green Peace.

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