The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should arrive this year toting a QHD display, according to newly leaked information.

The Note 4 should come with a 5.7-inch display that will sport a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels for 515ppi.

The LG G3 came out with a QHD display and Samsung is rumoured to be releasing its Galaxy S5 Prime, or Galaxy F as its known, with a QHD display too. So the Galaxy Note 4, also due this year, will almost certainly have to come with that many pixels on its larger screen.

The SM-N910A, similarly named to the Note 3's SM-N900A, has appeared on India'a import data site Zuaba. The "A" part denotes it's on AT&T. It then appeared again on the Samsung's website's back end sporting that screen resolution.

Rumours suggest the Galaxy Note 4 will come in two variants: one with the traditional flat display and another with a curved OLED screen.

Expect to hear more from Samsung on an official release in the coming months.

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