Samsung has signed a deal with the English Football Association to be the official consumer electronics and smartphone supplier to the England team.

That means the players in the England World Cup squad, which was announced yesterday, 12 May, will sport Samsung gadgets during the tournament in Brazil - staff too. This will include Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones, which will be given to all concerned.

Because of this, you can fully expect Twitter to be awash with England player selfies throughout the tournament, kicking off on 12 June.

Samsung has been one of the major brands in the "sponsored" selfie debate, with Ellen DeGeneres' Twitter-breaking Oscars selfie and David Ortiz's controversial self-taken shot with Barack Obama both thought to have stemmed from sponsorship by the South Korean company.

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And what the England deal will mean for players who usually sport Beats headphones is interesting. Beats Electronics is, of course, subject to a $3.2 billion bid by Samsung's biggest rival Apple.

Keep them peeled to the live footage outside dressing rooms. You can expect Samsung's lawyers will be doing the same.