Samsung hit the magic 10 million mark for number of Galaxy S5 smartphones shipped in 25 days, claims reports emerging from South Korea. That beats the previous record set by the Samsung Galaxy S4 by just two days.

The SGS4 is thought to have taken 27 days to have shipped the same amount although official confirmation at the time just stated "less than a month". The Galaxy S3 took almost double that (50 days) to reach 10 million units sold, while the Galaxy S2 took five months and the original Galaxy S seven months.

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When Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S4 figures last year it said that it was selling roughly four devices a second. That's now up to more than four-and-a-half.

And that means that every minute, Samsung sells almost 278 Galaxy S5 smartphones around the world. Impressive stuff, especially considering some critics suggested that people won't feel compelled to upgrade this time around.

We await an official announcement from Samsung on the sales/shipment figures, but you can bet there will be smiles all round when it does.