Samsung plans to release a special edition Galaxy S5 in May with a rear case covered in Swarovski crystals.

Dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S5 Crystal Collection, the phone might be aimed at the Korean market primarily, with the homeland HQ of the manufacturer posting a teaser video on YouTube of the pimped device.

There have been plenty of other collaborations between Samsung and Swarovski in the past, with a number of Galaxy handsets and the Note 3 having crystal lined rear cases in former years. This is the first special edition of the company's latest flagship handset though, and even the teaser clip has prompted mixed reactions.

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"This looks like a cheap toy a child would use," says Rohan Charlesworth in the comments underneath the clip (or, at least, we think that's what he meant considering a lack of punctuation and capital letters throughout).

And Emanuele Conte just says, "Mah..."

The non-Swarovski crystal-adorned Samsung Galaxy S5 was released in the UK a couple of weeks ago and has since broken records for the number of handsets shifted. There are currently no pricing details for the Crystal Collection.