The Samsung Galaxy S5 performed well in Pocket-lint tests as a conventional smartphone, but just how tough is it? The phone has IP67 dust and waterproofing, and its screen can take some battering with a hammer before showing even the slightest crack.

YouTube drop test channel TechRax takes the new phone through its paces in a hammer and knife test, to see just how rugged and capable it is should it be attacked by a serial killer. Probably.

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The knife test goes well and the initial results from the hammer test are very positive indeed. In general use - if you're not expecting regular bouts of violence involving DIY tools - the phone's screen should remain in good condition. Just don't take the battery to task, as the person performing the test found out.

Watch the hammer and knife test video from around three minutes in and you'll see quite a show; both alarming and funny in equal measure.

Just don't take it too literally. The battery really needed a going over before whizzing around like a Catherine wheel. It's extremely unlikely to happen in your pocket.