The current Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch needs to be connected to a phone in order to make calls but that may be about to change. An upgraded version two of the Gear 2, said to be on the drawing board, will have its own SIM for making calls as a stand-alone device.

Samsung and South Korean Telecom are allegedly in talks, according to The Korea Herald, to create this updated version of the Gear 2. The new model would feature a universal subscriber identity module, or USIM, capable of making calls and supporting a 3G data connection.

LG released its Watch Phone in 2009 which was capable of stand-alone call functions. But while this sounds like a great idea for Samsung we imagine the battery life on the watch will be a bit of a problem.

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Thanks to the 3G connection and the Gear 2's built-in camera users would, technically, also be able to hold video calls using just their watch. Inspector Gadget would be proud.

The Gear 2 hasn't even hit shelves yet so we're not expecting this USIM toting version to reach the UK soon. In fact, since these alleged talks are with SK Telecom, it may not even land outside of Korea. But with Google's Android Wear phones on their way we've got plenty to keep us excited.

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