Samsung has shown off its first Android Bluetooth gaming controller, the GamePad, here at MWC. This was announced earlier in the year. Now a representative at MWC has mentioned a price. 

The GamePad will be available in Germany and Korea only at first for around €60, although as we've been told, it's available on Amazon for £56 and has been for some time.

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Pairing is easy with NFC before connecting with Bluetooth 4.0. The controller features dual analogue sticks, an eight way d-pad, four buttons and two shoulder triggers.

The build is more premium than other gaming controllers that have gone before it. And with a 28-hour battery life it should keep most gamers going for long enough before needing a charge. The controller's power supply is totally separate from the phone and won't charge it.

Users can slip a device into the controller's holder; even the likes of the mighty Note 3 is able to fit. Alternatively the controller can be detached, as the phone streams gaming to the big screen at home using Samsung's WatchOn smarts.