(Pocket-lint) - Samsung didn't only launched the Samsung Galaxy S5 on Monday, but a number of dedicated accessories for the new flagship smartphone.

We're live at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where we've had a quick look at what extras you should plan on getting to accompany your new phone when it comes out on 11 April to carriers worldwide. 

Samsung headphones

To complement the blaring tunes you'll probably be pushing out of your Galaxy S5, Samsung is showing off a pair of its own branded headphones. The pair we got a look at on the show floor of MWC were gold in colour, to match the gold Galaxy S5 that will launch.


Since they were behind glass, we weren't able to give them a test. But they appear to cover your ears for noise cancelling and blaring volume. They're wireless through Bluetooth, with a power switch on the side to save battery.

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S Charger Pad

The Galaxy S5 features wireless charging, thanks to an optional case, and fittingly, Samsung is releasing an S Charger pad so you can ditch the microUSB cord. It was the same situation for the Galaxy S4, but the new handset's wireless charging has become a little more stylish. 


You'll be able to set your Galaxy S5 down on the pad and let Samsung's technologies do the rest to charge the device with no cords. There's no pricing available, but if the Galaxy S4 wireless charging is anything to go off, it will cost roughly $39.99 for the wireless charging back cover and $59.99 for the wireless charger itself.

S View Cover with wireless charging

Like the Galaxy S4, Samsung will release a S View Cover aimed to provide you quick glances of notifications and information coming across your Galaxy S5.


The S View Cover will be the case to enable wireless charging through the S Charger Pad as well. In our hands-on time from the trade show floor, it sems the wireless charging technology is built into the centre of the case.

Flip Wallet

Samsung will make a Flip Wallet available, letting you keep your cash and credit cards bundled with your Galaxy S5 - so you only have to pick up one thing when leaving home.


We've seen similar cases for the iPhone and other Android devices, made by third-party manufacturers. Now Samsung wants to take its own shot at it, with multiple colours.

Writing by Jake Smith.