Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy S5 and revealed that the phone's fingerprint scanner will work with PayPal to authorise payments for items within the browser. PayPal has now released a video to show off the fingerprint authentication process.

Samsung and PayPal announced today that they have collaborated in order to let Galaxy S5 users login and shop at any store that accepts PayPal on mobile, using only their fingerprint. This makes PayPal the first payments company to support Samsung’s mobile fingerprint authentication technology. So, how does PayPal fingerprint authentication work on the Galaxy S5?

Once PayPal is selected as the payment method, and it recognises a user with a registered print, all it takes is a digit swipe and you've paid. During our hands-on with the Galaxy S5, we described the process as "scarily easy, but effective". The video below shows exactly how consumers can login to PayPal mobile with their fingerprint to pay in stores.

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Starting in April, probably when the Galaxy S5 launches on 11 April, PayPal fingerprint authentication will be available on the Galaxy S5 in 26 markets globally, including the US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong and Russia.