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(Pocket-lint) - It's less than a week before the Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be unveiled. The Korean company will host its Samsung Unpacked 5 event on Monday 24 February during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and every indication points to the new flagship phone's announcement.

That's why the rumour mill is ramping up to a crescendo. Two of the latest nuggets of speculation claim to reveal key features and specifications for the handset, and one of them comes from an online retailer in the Netherlands which is part of the Carphone Warehouse group.

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Typhone published a listing for the Galaxy S5 with a couple of specifications noted. It has been pulled since - often a sign that a company has received a takedown notice from the subject - so there could be something in it.

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The site claimed that the new phone will come with a 5.2-inch Full HD screen (the Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch display), not a 2K resolution as has previously been rumoured. In addition, it will have a 16-megapixel camera. The one on the SGS4 is 13-megapixel.

samsung galaxy s5 new leaks 5 2 inch screen 16mp camera and fingerprint sensor image 2

They were the only listed specs on the now removed page, and contradict a previous leaked image of a box. That stated that the phone will have a 5.25-inch 2560 x 1440 display, and 20-megapixel camera. Who to believe?

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Another rumour comes from SamMobile's "insiders". They claim that the Galaxy S5 will indeed have the much-rumoured fingerprint sensor for user authentication. According to the sources, the sensor will be placed in the phone's home button, in a similar fashion to the iPhone 5S.

However, it's claimed the Samsung sensor works with a swipe rather than a hold motion. This swipe method is said to improve security. The website also says that as you use your fingerprint to unlock the phone, the print itself will appear on the screen.

It might just be hokum, like the Dutch website story, but we'll find out ourselves next Monday. Pocket-lint will be at Mobile World Congress to bring you all the latest news and hands-on with all the new products, not just the Samsung Galaxy S5, from the moment the doors open.

Writing by Rik Henderson.