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(Pocket-lint) - When Samsung launched its Galaxy S4 in March 2013, it used a large event at the Radio City Music Hall in New York with actors showing off the phone's features. It was a Broadway performance.

But the company isn't planning a lot of singing or dancing when it unveils the Galaxy S5 this month, according to the New York Times. It's a surprising move, especially given Samsung's flagship launch events in the past.

When Samsung takes the stage at Mobile World Congress in late-February, it will hold a low-key event. It will be the usual type of event we know from device manufacturers, according to the publication. Samsung will apparently match the mood of the trade show by going over the handset's specifications and design with executives rather than actors.

samsung s galaxy s5 event won t be theatrical like years past image 2

Samsung's events in the past have been considered rather gimmicky. For instance, when it unveiled the Galaxy S3 in 2012, Samsung described it as being inspired by elements of the Earth.

The Galaxy S5 could signal a new Samsung that wants to be taken more seriously. Reports have noted the company has made its TouchWiz software more mature, ditching the gimmicks like eye scanning and going for a more sophisticated and flat user interface. Now it will have a more serious event to match.

Samsung sent invitations to media members on Monday, confirming its first Unpacked event of 2014 will be held on 24 February. The invited contained the number five, hinting the Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone might be revealed. There was some speculation that Samsung was going to ditch the Galaxy S5 naming for the flagship, but The New York Times reports it will be called the Galaxy S5.

We've contacted Samsung to learn more.

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Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 5 February 2014.