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(Pocket-lint) - SenseCover from case manufacturer Moshi is a new product that covers your iPhone from front to back yet still lets you peek at incoming notifications and answer calls. 

You do not have to open SenseCover to check date or time, answer or reject calls or swipe alarms, because it features embedded SensArray pads on the "hybrid leatherette" front cover. This technology enables you to use the phone as if it were uncovered, even though all the buttons and cameras are hidden underneath the leatherette case and a polycarbonate hard shell.

Moshi describes the SenseCover as elegant in both form and function, and "simply a joy to use". Other features include a magnetic clasp that keeps the cover closed or folded back when you want to access the touchscreen.

If this type of case sounds at all familiar, you've probably seen Samsung's S View Case. It was one of the first notable cases to go beyond the classic flip-cover style by featuring a window that allows users to glance at the display and perform some functions without exposing their device to the elements.

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Samsung's case only worked for Samsung devices like the Galaxy S4 though, while Moshi's SenseCover works for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. The SenseCover is also slightly cheaper at $45. You can buy it now on Moshi's website.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 28 January 2014.