If you're a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owner and, like us, you've got greasy fingers more often than not, then you must be careful. We just spotted the above when glancing at our Note 3 in the right light.

Unless you wipe down that screen regularly all sorts of stylus written information could be on display to people near you. Perhaps writing secure numbers down using the stylus is a bad move anyway, but we just thought it can't hurt to pass on our finding.

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The last time someone got hold of our Note 3 we returned to find it littered with hand-drawn penii (that is indeed the plural). Leaving the phone on the table at a meeting with one of those clearly reflecting into someone's eye-sight could have been embarrassing. Or hilarious.

So be sure to keep your screen clean, or your fingers cleaner, you never know who's looking at your usage footprint - or is it fingerprint?