Apple and Samsung are trying to avoid going to court, yet again.

A US court filing on Wednesday showed that the two rivals will attend a mediation session on 19 February to discuss potential settlement options. If the two can't come to terms, they will go to court in March for the second time in the US. 

This isn't just a meeting among lawyers, though. Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung counterpart Oh-Hyun Kwon will be attending to hash things out. The two companies have tried to settle things out of court before, ahead of their first trial in 2012, but the mediation didn't yield results. The drawn-out trial in late summer 2012 eventually resulted in a huge victory for Apple in the sum of $1.049 billion in damages. 

Apple filed a US lawsuit against Samsung on 31 August, 2012, alleging 17 other Samsung products violated Apple patents, including the Galaxy S III, Verizon Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 10.1.