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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung could be looking to give its user interface a refresh in time for the launch of its new flagship handset, the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Posting on Twitter, @evleaks, who has an impressive track record on such matters, has shared three screenshots, stating that Samsung is "exploring a new smartphone UI".

Although there's been no word from Samsung, we wouldn't be surprised if the Korean company was in the process of a major facelift of its UI. When the Samsung Galaxy S4 launched, many said that, despite the addition of a lot of features, it was all very similar to previous devices.

Compared to the changes we've seen at HTC, LG or the stripping back at Motorola, Samsung seems to have changed little in terms of visual design. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 approaching launch in spring 2014, it would seem like a prime opportunity to give things a refresh.

There's little to be garnered from the screenshots, just as there's nothing to verify their authenticity, but things seem to have evolved from the slightly cartoony look of the current UI. The narrow fonts look as though they might not render so well on lower-spec devices - perhaps that's the death knell for low-res displays?

We like the look of the lock screen, but the central screen looks to have live information in it, updating your commute and a friend's location, in a sort of BlinkFeed arrangement. There are some of Samsung's apps alongside those of Android on the third display in a more conventional homepage.

Speculation is building in the approach to the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch, with a collection of rumours pointing to what we might expect, and we'll bring you all details come launch day.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 7 January 2014.