Could the Samsung Galaxy S5 come with a screen other than the Samsung made Super AMOLED? It's looking that way with Sharp's Low Temperature PolySilicon (LTPS) LCD display tipped to appear in Sammy's next flagship smartphone.

But Samsung makes AMOLED screens itself, why would it outsource? Our thoughts at first too. But it turns out making 2K AMOLED isn't so easy. Plus Sammy is focused on perfecting flexible displays for future kit. And on top of all that it also owns a big chunk of Sharp.

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So the claim seems reasonable, after the rumour appeared on Tenecent. But whether we can expect the same vibrant colours of the Super AMOLED to appear on this LCD is unclear. But since LTPS LCD is 100 times faster than amorphous silicon screens it should have an excellent response rate.

What we should be able to look forward to is that super high-resolution 2K screen. How that will affect battery life is another matter entirely. Expect to see Samsung unveil the Galaxy S5 at MWC at the end of February.