A new version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that’s more affordable has apparently gone into production with a release date of February 2014.

According to the Korean media, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite will use an LCD screen and offer entry-level specs to make it affordable. Phablets are generally highly priced because of the screen cost so this will open up a new area in the market for Samsung.

This is also the reason it’s not here just yet. Samsung didn’t want the Lite to steal sales of the Note 3 currently on sale. So Samsung will produce 500,000 units in January and a further 1.5 million in February, suggesting that will be the month it’s released.

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The phablet Galaxy Note 3 Lite, as it’s being dubbed for now, will be aimed at emerging markets primarily, but hopefully will also come to Europe. Samsung expects the handset to account for an impressive 30 per cent of the total Galaxy Note 3 sales.