Samsung is planning to launch a cheaper, more accessible version of its Galaxy Note 3 phablet (or fonblet, as Samsung would prefer we call it). It is said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite will come with the model designation SM-N7505 and will dispense with some of the more expensive technologies in order to appeal to those on a tighter budget.

SamMobile claims an "insider" has also said that the new device will be announced during the company's press event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. And some evidence has been unearthed that at least points towards the existence of the model.

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Shipping manifests show devices labelled SM-7505 have been shipped from Korea. They are mobile phones for "testing and evaluation" and feature screen sizes of 5.49 inches and 5.7 inches. The Note 3 has a 5.7-inch screen. And, says the Samsung specific site's source, they are both LCD displays, not AMOLED like the current version.

It is also suggested that Samsung will ditch the faux leather rear for a standard plastic one, to cut down on costs. And the camera will be 8-megapixel, like the Note 2, not 13-megapixel like the Note 3.

The phablet market is really becoming important for manufacturers as users are opting to super-size their handsets. So a more entry level device is coming from Samsung is not impossible to believe.