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(Pocket-lint) - After Apple unveiled its 64-bit A7 processor in the iPhone 5S the internet has been aflutter with talk of Samsung also releasing a 64-bit chip. While Samsung didn’t deny it, we’ve had nothing too solid until now.

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Stephen Woo, Samsung's president of System LSI, said the company would be following in Apple’s footsteps on the CPU front, but nothing more has been heard since.

Now a senior ARM official has confirmed it is working with Samsung to put the finishing touches on a 64-bit Exynos processor due out in smartphones and tablets next year. Presumably this will be one of Samsung’s octa-cores making it, potentially, more powerful than Apple’s A7 CPU.

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“Executives from Samsung and ARM had a meeting today. They discussed the ARM 64-bit chip, which is expected to be used in Samsung’s smartphone next year,” were the senior manager's words. An insider at the meeting also noted that 128-bit processors are being planned at ARM - but these won’t arrive for at least another two years.

What's so good about Apple's 64-bit A7 processor? That's double the number of bits that can be handled by current 32-bit chips, which means the iPhone 5S can handle more-complex applications, including high-end gaming - an area Samsung can't ignore with the booming Android gaming market.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 19 November 2013.