Samsung has plans to release a Galaxy smartphone with a wraparound display, according to Bloomberg.

The wraparound display is said to give users the ability to read information from a different angle, rather than looking straight on.

The handset will use an upgraded version of Samsung's Youm technology, which is currently being used by the company on its Galaxy Round handset unveiled in October. The wraparound-based Galaxy handset will feature three-sides, and each will operate independently of each other. In a way, Samsung is going for a multi-window approach inside a smartphone for the first time in the mobile industry. 

It's not clear if the handset will be a beta-like device for Samsung, seeing a release only in South Korea. This was Samsung's route for the Galaxy Round, the first handset on the market to feature a curved display. Out of the ordinary handsets have actually become the normal for Samsung, so we're not too surprised on the news of a three-sided smartphone. 

Bloomberg didn't provide a release date for the wraparound handset, but it's said to be being announced by the end of 2013 and perhaps come out during the second half of next year.