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(Pocket-lint) - Big phones are the best phones, that's just a simple fact. Follow the logic from your TV, a bigger screen is better, makes TV more enjoyable and more immersive. So phones should be the same. Well, yes, in theory.

The problem is, a phone is held in one hand and carried about, a TV isn't. But Samsung knows that most normal-handed people will struggle with the larger size of the Note 3. So to help it has built in some thoughtful features that make it easier to use.

In this video, we've taken a look at the best ones, explained how to get them to work for you and shown the process. We hope it helps, but remember, the Note 3 is an amazing device, on of the best phones on the market, so don't rule it out just because you think it might be too big, because we can help.

As you might know, Samsung has for some time included a keyboard that is capable of one-handed operation. In this mode, you can push the keyboard to one side of the screen or the other. This enables you to type with just your thumbs but it also extends to the unlock pattern too, which we've found most useful.

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Even better though, is "use for all screens" which basically creates a smaller screen within the main screen for you to use any app, and even the homescreens with a single hand. Activated by a simple gesture, this function means that you can use the whole phone when you're on a single hand.

We trust this is helpful, but if you have more questions, you can always ask in the comments below, and we'll try and answer them for you.

Writing by Ian Morris. Originally published on 12 November 2013.