Since Apple unleashed its iPhone 5S with 64-bit A7 processor the rumour mill has been spinning out stories of Samsung bringing a 64-bit chip to its next flagship Galaxy S5. The latest evidence to support this comes from Digitimes.

Admittedly the track record of Digitimes isn't great so we're taking this one with a pinch of salt. It's reported that Samsung Display and Japan Display will begin making its WQHD displays soon and 64-bit CPUs. We've heard the display story before so this may very well be true also.

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The same report goes on to say that Samsung will also be packing in a 16-megapixel camera into the Galaxy S5.

These stories all hold a lot more weight after Stephen Woo, Samsung's president of System LSI,  said on Monday that the company would be following in Apple's footsteps with a 64-bit chip.

So with CES in January and IFA later in the year we'd expect to see the new handset arrive, at least on the drawing board, by early 2014.

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