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(Pocket-lint) - During its Analyst Day in its home city of Seoul, Samsung has once again used "fonblet" in relation to its large-screen phones, such as the Galaxy Note 3.

The more common term among the press has been "phablet", but it seems Samsung has its own ideas. Company CEO JK Shin used the word fonblet several times in his presentation at the event, and a series of slides have been leaked online that also refer to the fonblet.

This has led to many online media outlets and analysts pouring scorn on the word. What does it even mean? We get the basic premise, but it's just not great. Phablet is bad enough.

samsung attempts to get the world to call note 3 a fonblet has been doing so since january image 2

But although it is getting much attention now, it's not exactly the first time Samsung has tried to get the word to stick. In fact, it first started to appear as far back as January.

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 was originally rumoured to be called the Galaxy Fonblet 5.8. Presumably, somebody saw an internal slide or memo with the word on and put two and two together. The name of the phone may have changed, but it's proof that Samsung has been using the term for a while.

Now it's fully out in the open, we hope it stops.

Writing by Rik Henderson.