Samsung is working to incorporate magnetic resonance wireless charging into its future smartphones, ET News reports. The company is said to have invested in the New Zealand-based PowerbyProxi to explore how to roll out the long-distance wireless charging to the public. 

Resonance wireless charging is a relatively new technology. Unlike the current wireless charging used by Nokia and LG - which requires the handset to be placed on a plate or pillow - resonance wireless charging would allow you to charge your handset without the need for it to touch a charging pad, at a distance and through solid, non-metal objects like wood. So you would be able to charge your phone while using it normally. 

ET News says we should expect the technology sooner rather than later, with word that Samsung could release it as early as mid-2014. We have to take such rumours with a pinch of salt, but sometimes they can be dead on. Given how much of a convenience this type of charging would be, we hope Samsung is pursuing it behind closed doors. 

If Samsung were to release wireless resonance charging in the latter part of the year, wouldn't that make the Galaxy Note 4 the prime candidate? We'll leave you to speculate further.