The mobile division of Samsung Electronics USA has just lost its chief product officer, Kevin Packingham.

The New York Times' Bits blog reported that Packingham, who oversaw the production and launch of many popular Galaxy devices, has left Samsung for reasons unknown. People approached at the company wouldn't even confirm if his exit was voluntary, though his departure was announced internally on Tuesday.

Packingham spent two years at Samsung Mobile, working closely on the Galaxy S III smartphone that gave Apple's iPhone a run for its money in 2012. Prior to Samsung, Packingham served as the chief executive of Amerilink Telecom. He also worked as a product executive at Sprint. Packingham's LinkedIn profile has not yet been updated to reflect his recent career change.

samsung s us mobile chief leaves the company image 2

It's unclear where Packingham will land next, but Bits noted that he recently helped Samsung transition from carrier advertising to its own marketing campaigns for phones. Many carriers apparently celebrated this move. There's also no word yet on who Packingham's successor will be.

UPDATE: In a statement, Samsung said only the following: "We thank Kevin for his contributions and wish him well in his future endeavors."