Phone case and accessory manufacturer Otterbox has come up with a handy way of keeping your paper money and credit cards safe, while ensuring you need to carry around only one item in your pocket or bag.

The Otterbox Commuter Series Wallet is designed for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4 owners to both keep their phones protected while incorporating storage for cash and cards.

It is comprised of a sturdy polycarbonate shell and interior slipcover, and comes with a self-adhering screen protector for good measure. The sliding drawer can contain up to three credit cards (or card-sized items, such as a driving licence) and it opens without having to turn the phone over, keeping its contents out of view.

Having not tested it ourselves yet, we're no entirely sure whether the NFC chip in the Galaxy S4 will still work through the wallet, but if so that would turn that specific handset into a complete, all-in-one payment device, no matter what technologies or lack thereof are used in stores.

The Commuter Series Wallet retails for £34.99 in the UK, 39.99 euros in mainland Europe and is available from