When we reviewed the Note 3, we noticed that the handwriting recognition was broken. It had been working perfectly when we first started using the phone, but then it randomly refused to turn our handwriting into proper text. A quick search online turned up an XDA thread on the matter.

It seems, that somehow, Samsung had a licence problem with the software that shipped. We asked Samsung about this, but didn't get a reply before the solution appeared. Still, there's a simple fix now, so it's not a big problem.

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To get handwriting working again, go to the Google Play store, and search for "Samsung Keyboard Note 3". When it appears, you'll probably see there's an update available. For some reason, this didn't show automatically as other app updates do. Just install the update and restart the phone, and the problem goes away. Do note though, you really do have to restart or it simply won't work.

We're very happy to see a swift fix for this, and the Note 3's handwriting recognition really is nothing short of amazing, and it's brilliant to use for emails and text messages and crucially, a massive improvement over the Note 2, and a huge leap forward for the technology.

And, of course, a massive thanks to XDA user e-mcani for noticing the update.

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