Samsung has announced that it has topped 100 million subscribers for its ChatOn phone messenger service. The company's rival to BBM, Skype, WhatsApp, Vibe and many others was launched in October 2011 and has grown rapidly in popularity in the two years since.

The user base has grown dramatically in the past few months, with Samsung claiming that it reached 50 million subscribers in May this year. Its success can be attributed mainly to its coming pre-installed on all Samsung smartphones. Starting with the Samsung Galaxy S III, the ChatOn service has since been preloaded on to every subsequent Galaxy phone, including the latest Note 3. Even the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is capable of accessing the platform.

ChatOn - which includes group chat as well as voice and video calling over the internet - is also available for PC, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. And it can be loaded on to other Android devices should you wish.

Up to five devices can be linked to one Samsung ID account.

The name also doubles to explain something that might happen if you stand under a flock of seagulls, which is useful.