Apple decided to adopt the Midas touch with one of the colour schemes of the new iPhone 5S, and HTC is heavily rumoured to be following suit with a golden-coloured HTC One. Now Samsung is getting into the act. It will be introducing Gold Pink and Gold Brown versions of its Galaxy S4 Android smartphone.

The new colour schemes were highlighted on Samsung Gulf's Facebook page and Samsung Mobile Arabia's Twitter feed along with a picture or two. Other than that, no details have emerged. Nor do we know if they will ever make it out of the Middle East or whether they are limited edition for that region only.

Looking at the renders, it's clear that unlike the golden iPhone 5S (Champagne, that is), the gold Galaxy S4s will have a glossy back cover, maybe even made of real gold.

If that is indeed the case, should you not be able to get your hands on one of the official models you could always badger Gold Genie to make a fresh batch of its customised golden SGS4s. They're sold out at the moment, but if you're willing to cough up £1,700 or more (the original price), you might always convince the company to knock up another.