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(Pocket-lint) - UPDATE: Carphone Warehouse has looked into this and told Pocket-lint that it was just an old Samsung Nexus S on the system.

You can read the original story below...

A Samsung Galaxy Nexus S smartphone could be on its way, according to a recent leak.

A source at Carphone Warehouse has revealed to Pocket-Lint that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus S device appeared on its system today. The current Google Nexus 4 is made by LG and is due for a refresh.

The Nexus 4 sold out recently, Android 4.4 KitKat was announced, and the Nexus 5 is due soon. This could denote Samsung taking the reins as the Nexus maker once again.

The rumour mill did suggest that Google might be extending the Nexus brand to other manufacturers, similar to how Intel lays out plans for ultrabook production. But with pure Android handsets now available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One the Nexus brand appears to be staying with one handset only. This would suggest Samsung will be the manufacturer to replace LG making the next Google Nexus handset.

Of course there was the original Samsung Nexus S from back in 2011. There is a chance this could just be that name still floating around on the system.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.