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(Pocket-lint) - Sammy is still pressing forward with its Tizen mobile operating system. Its third iteration has made an appearance on an Indonesian Galaxy S4 this week. And the photos show it's shaping up nicely.

Tizen 2.0 is the current Samsung OS version with Tizen 3 due to launch in early 2014, although Samsung has yet to release a Tizen device as it had originally planned. So for now this is still very much an experimental platform for Samsung software engineers to play with.

The pictures show a clean UI that has a Windows Phone feel to the tile layout. The strong colour variations and notifications give it a hint of Android crossed with iOS 7. The plan, according to unwiredview, is to run Tizen on all Samsung devices as a unifying OS in the future. So your TV, laptop and mobile will all have seamless crossover - much like Sammy is trying to work towards now with dual-OS devices like the ATIV Q.

However with Samsung's Android devices doing very well, and the new Galaxy Gear launching with Android compatibility, don't expect to see Tizen given a big push anytime soon. But it's nice to know Samsung has an ace up its software sleeve for the future.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 9 September 2013.