It seems that Koreans like the Apple iPhone better than their homegrown Samsung Galaxy smartphones, according to the results of a recent consumer survey in Korea.

The survey questioned 44,168 Koreans, with owners responding on things like device quality and failure. Only 17 per cent reported problems with the iPhone, while 31 per cent reported having experienced some sort of failure with a Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone.

Included in the Samsung failures were things like battery charging problems and screen quality issues while Apple's problems tend to relate to touch or the buttons - we know first hand that the home button wears out on the iPhone.

The news might fuel the Samsung vs Apple rivalry, but is particularly surprising considering that Samsung enjoys huge market share in Korea, dominating smartphone sales with 65 per cent of the domestic market. By contrast, Apple's share of the market has been sliding in recent years, and is now reportedly in single figures.

But it's worth considering that Apple's iPhone is a single premium product, whereas the Samsung Galaxy range could cover everything from the Samsung Galaxy Note or the Samsung Galaxy S4, all the way down to entry-level devices, perhaps giving the Samsung-owning majority more to complain about.

Elsewhere, reports are suggesting that Samsung has shifted 20 million Samsung Galaxy S4 handsets globally.