Samsung had previously revealed a couple of new colour schemes for its Galaxy S4 smartphone, and hinted at others but had never revealed them in public.

It has done just that during its Premiere London 2013 Galaxy & ATIV reveal event. The Red Aurora and Blue Arctic models were previously pictured, but the Purple Mirage and Brown Autumn variants have been shown at the event for the first time. The Pink Twilight model was also revealed.

No word on which carriers will take which colour as yet, but if you want a dash of colour in your life, these certainly provide that. Samsung is no stranger to adding a little colour to its devices, previously running at a whole range of hues to suit your mood.

Samsung has also used the Premiere London 2013 to detail the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, Mini and Active in more detail, the first time that the handsets have made a proper public reveal.

However, there's also the another Android camera in the mix in the form of the Samsung Galaxy NX. We'll bring you all the details as they become known.

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