Pictures of the just-announced Samsung Galaxy S4 Active have appeared on China's Weibo social network. The phone is due to launch on AT&T on 21 June, with it pegged for a UK launch at an event in London on 20 June.

The phone - which is like a Samsung Galaxy S4, except waterproof and dust proof - features a 4.99-inch LCD display and uses an 8-megapixel camera rather than the 13-megapixel offering on the SGS4.

samsung galaxy s4 active photographed in arctic blue image 2

So far only official Samsung pictures of the phone exists, but these Weibo images show the handset in better detail. The phone ships in blue and black and comes with three physical hardware keys on the bottom. There will also be an all-black version and an orange option. 

In the Weibo pictures it's obvious the phone is fairly hardy. The phone is able to stay submerged down to a metre underwater for around 30 minutes. It is also able to use a new Aqua mode to capture photographs underwater.