A Korean analyst has reportedly confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for launch this September. The analyst released a note discussing Samsung's recent stock price drop following over-enthusiastic Galaxy S4 sales, but also mentioned the new phablet being en route from Samsung.

We expect Samsung will be announcing the new Note 3 at IFA - with the handset, which is yet to have it's specifications confirmed - and probably following a similar design ethos to the Galaxy S4, albeit with a bigger screen. How big that screen will be exactly is yet to be announced, but expect it to be well into the 6-inch mark.

IFA in Berlin starts on 13 September and runs through to 16 September, so expect some Samsung action there. We imagine the Note 3 will be a Full HD beast and so close to a 7-inch tablet that it will be only marginally smaller than the likes of the Nexus 7.

In previous years Samsung has had a huge presence at IFA. Last year saw the company unveil the Galaxy Note II at the event in Berlin, so it's entirely possible that the 3 appears there this year. 

Pocket-lint will naturally be at IFA to report - we just need our summer holidays first.