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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has launched the Galaxy S4 Mini, a little brother to its current flagship handset. The phone is designed to satisfy those after something mid-range but with the looks and design of Samsung's other, higher-end devices. We've had the chance to see the SGS4 Mini in the flesh and it feels like a quality device, with a display that's nice and vibrant.

As is the case with pretty much every Samsung device, it is no doubt going to sell like hot cakes. So you're going to want to be ahead of the pack if you fancy picking one up. Read on to find out where you can get hold of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Availability is expected to be from 1 July.

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O2 has opened pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on its website, with both black and white offered.

There's a range of tarriffs on offer, but the SGS4 Mini is a little pricey: if you want the handset for nothing, you'll have to take a two-year contract, costing you £37 a month. If you want a lower contract, but happen to have £350 to splurge on the handset, you'll be able to get a £22 a month contract instead. Of course, there's a full range of options so you can find something to fit your budget.

You can view all the details on the O2 website here.


Three has confirmed availability of the device but is yet to say exactly when it will be released.


EE has the pre-order page for its Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini deals, and remember that this is a 4G handset, so you'll be able to take advantage of faster data speeds through EE.

Both colours of handset are offered, with two-year contracts starting at £31 and no up-front cost for the handset. If you're after a 12-month contract, they start at £41 a month, with a cost of £149.99 for the phone. 

You can view all the details on the EE website here.


Orange is offering both the SGS4 Mini in black and white and has opened pre-order pages for the new Samsung handset.

Orange Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini deals start at £26 a month with no extra cost for the handset on Panther 26, which is a two-year contract. There is a whole host of other options, if you'd like to increase the data or calls you get, or pay something up-front for the handset.

You can view all the details on the Orange website here.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini prices on T-Mobile are close to those of Orange, starting at £26 for a free handset on a two-year deal. Again, there's a full range of tariffs starting at £7 a month (£249.99 handset cost) so you can pick something to fit your budget.

T-Mobile has the SGS4 Mini on pre-order, you can view all the details on the T-Mobile website here.


Vodafone has confirmed it will be carrying the Galaxy S4 Mini but pricing and release date are still a secret.

Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse has opened its pre-order page and again, is offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini from £26, which is the Orange tariff listed above. There's a full range of deals available, as well as SIM free, if you fancy parting with £429.95. If you opt for a more expensive monthly contract, you could bag yourself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 as a "free" gift.

You can view all the details on the Carphone Warehouse website here.

Phones 4u

Phones 4u again starts with contracts at £26 a month from Orange, and again, if you're willing to spend a little more, you could bag yourself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 if you take an EE contract on £36 a month.

You can view all the details on the Phones 4u website here.

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Writing by Chris Hall and Hunter Skipworth.