Samsung and telecommunications provider Swisscom recently hosted an "All eyes on the S4" contest at a Swiss train station that literally required contestants to stare at a Galaxy S4 for an hour. 

Samsung built a booth in Zurich with a Galaxy S4 embedded and offered rail travellers a free Galaxy S4 if they could successfully stare at the device for 60 minutes without looking away. Swisscom filmed the contest and posted it on YouTube to promote the device's eye-tracking feature. 

Pocket-lint reviewed the S4 this month and found eye-tracking impressive in theory but sometimes tedious and even comical in every day use. 

samsung and swisscom host hour long s4 staring contest in zurich image 2

Dozens of people attempted to win the free S4, according to the YouTube video, but Samsung and Swisscom apparently bombarded the contenders with police dogs, arguing couples, hot dog venders, etc., and even a massive crowd of onlookers seemed to add the potential distractions. 

In the end, only one man appears to have endured an hour of diversions. A grand finale of balloons and confetti poured from the station's ceiling, and he happily walked away with a shiny, new Samsung Galaxy S4. 

Check out the two-minute long video below.