Just as CEO JK Shin predicted, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has surpassed the magic 10 million sales mark this week, taking less than a month from its launch on 26 April in Korea, 27 April elsewhere.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 took 50 days to hit the same figure, so the Galaxy S4 has become the company's fastest-selling mobile phone by some distance. The Galaxy S2 took five months to achieve the same figure, and the original Galaxy S took seven months, so the success of the S4 also confirms the rapid rise in popularity of Android.

Samsung has revealed that it is selling roughly four SGS4s a second worldwide.

The company plans to expand its Galaxy S4 line-up, not only with additional variant devices, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Zoom and Galaxy S4 Mini, but with the original version in several other colour schemes.

samsung galaxy s4 hits 10 million sales with new colours announced image 2

In addition to the currently available White Mist and Black Forest devices, there will soon be versions in colours with the tasty names of Blue Arctic and Red Aurora. They will be followed by Purple Mirage and Brown Autumn.